We practice sustainability. Our corporate culture is inextricably linked to the respect we have for the environment. This respect, alias, awarded the National Award for Environmental Innovation, awarded by the European Environmental Press.

In Sousacamp, the concern is active:

– Produce mushrooms fulfilling the criteria of organic farming level and good practices for agriculture;

– We turn, now, to biomass as a complement of electrical / gas energy;

– We reused the substrate used for mushroom production:

– Commercializing it for agricultural and horticultural purposes, since by its high organic matter content and has excellent nutritional properties;

– Turning it into biomass, source of “clean” energy;

– Implement water use systems that allow meeting the needs at the production and simultaneously meet criteria for rationalization of consumption and in order to reuse;

– We use technology in order to rationalize energy consumption;

– Invest in the use of biomass as a primary energy resource, to reduce residual values for the consumption of electricity and gas;

– We recycle the packaging we produce;

– We build our environmental policy in the following vectors: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse;


Our main goal is to satisfy customers. We are aware that only the most stringent procedures lead to loyalty.

We have, therefore, a strict commitment to the requirement.

Under the slogan “By itself, by nature,” the group and its employees strive every day so that our mushrooms come, always, customer under ideal conditions, allowing you to enjoy the excellence of flavors we produce .

The production process is, at bottom, what will generate the raw material at a later stage, will come to you.

Having notion that every moment in the mycological production are central to the quality of the mushroom, we handle all the details. This is our routine: generate products that our consumers can trust.

We are aware of your requirement. It is essential to us. That’s why we work itself.





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