The Sousacamp group started his its activity in 1989, in Benlhevai parish, Vila Flor County, making interiority one of his its flags . The enterprise is dedicated to the production, commercialization and distribution of mushrooms, production, commercialization and distribution which have recognized quality, not only by clients but also by official entities and independent certifications like such as NOP/USDA ORGANIC, GlobalGap, ISO 14001 e ISO 9001, among others.

Sousacamp is a company with presence and implementation in several european countries lying still although it is still in a expansion dinamic to in new markets and latitudes .

The fidelization of our consumer and the expansion to new markets are the result of our rigorous commitment with demand.
Under With the slogan “ For you , by Nature” as our slogan, the group and the staff commit themselves daily so that our mushrooms arrive come, always, to our customers in excellent conditions , allowing them to enjoy the excellence highness of the flavours that we produce. We have , since always, make a point to promoted a healthy lifestyle and alimentation , supporting initiatives from sports to gastronomy and nutritional education.

The environmentally responsible behaviour that is cultured at Sousacamp, At Sousacamp is cultured an environmentally responsible behavior that is recognized and awarded with a prize that distinguishes environmental innovation assigned by European Environmental Press.
Social Responsibility and Regional Development are vectors that we fully assume adopt transporting it from our philosophy idiosyncrasy to until the reality of the communities where we operate. We promote mushrooms, we promote the region , we promote the environment and we promote sport. But we promote, above all, life quality!


Sousacamp has the mission to transform resources destinated to the production of mushrooms and other horticultural products , into economic and social development . We use the appropriate technological means to promote sustainable development and to the assure the quality of our products .

We work every day to ensure the full satisfaction of our client, to maintain environmental sustainability and also to increase the agricultural productivity .


To be the biggest european mushroom producer focusing on:

  • People – we work for the people and with the people. We value the partner person, the contributing person, the client person, the non-client person , the scientific community and the enterprising community.
  • Healthy lifestyle – we promote the good nutrition and the practice of sports. We want to enhance life quality.
  • Food security – in the preparation of our product we combine ancestral knowledge with rigorous technological procedures.
  • Sustainability – having environmental concerns is a part of our philosophy .We cultivate integration and social development in the communities in which we operate.
  • Growth – we undertake with dynamics and consistency.


  • Integration
  • Integrity
  • Concern
  • Responsability
  • Entrepreneurship