Pnia Award

foto pnia

The PNIA award aims to recognize the Portuguese entities that contribute to a good environmental performance through their innovations. This event is promoted by the Magazine Industria e ambiente and by European Environmental Press that represents specialists from 17 countries .The propelling of this initiative is assisted by ENEP – European Federation of Environmental Profissionals Association and by EEN, European Enterprise Network with Pollutec´s support. In 2011 this award recognized the commitment that Sousacamp has with environmental sustainability. The distinction was made because of a project that the company implemented regarding the use of substrate in its agricultural production in an ecological way. It was, in the end, filling a gap of the market, keeping , at the same time, focus on environmental sustainability. With “ For you , by Nature” as a slogan, Sousacamp has in this award a proof of its Corporate consistency. For the administrator ,engineer Artur Sousa, this distinction is the recognition that the technical and financial investments have return : Creating value , innovating and showing that the business venture can be rewarding.
This prize, awarded by autonomous entities, has unequivocally confirmed two of the indelible marks of the Sousacamp character: Continuous Innovation and simultaneous environmental concern.