Our main goal is to satisfy customers. We are aware that only the most stringent procedures lead to loyalty. We have, therefore, a strict commitment to the requirement. Under the slogan “For you, by nature,” the group and its employees strive every day so that our mushrooms come, always, to customer under ideal conditions, allowing you to enjoy the excellence of flavors we produce.



The wrapping is done in containers which maintain the integrity of the mushroom, so that the product does not suffer damage during transportation. When we talk about packaging, it is important to note that this is in accordance with all the conditions for food use. Fresh produce is packed in refrigerated chambers and in temperature controlled vehicles, from harvest to the consumer so that it can make use of the product in excellent conditions.



In Transportation and logistics, Sousacamp involves managing the flow of goods in Europe where we intervene at all stages of the supply chain. This implies the transport and organization of the same level: a packaged product (ambient and temperature controlled) and bulk products.